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20mm GREEN Vulcanized Caoutchouc rubber Strap OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch

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20mm Rubber Strap For HIGH END watches

WE DID IT and are so proud of this strap. It is so close to the "big boys" that make Rubber straps for high end watches. I am offering this first run for $59.99, but will soon be raising prices as we are so close to the $200-$300 high end straps that you will be blown away.

The rubber on these Cauothouc Vulcanized rubber are so good and refined that they are non toxic, non-marking and non-allergen. If you get them dirty, a cleaning cloth and a little water or a wet wipe takes off any marks making them easy to clean and looking like new for years to come.

This strap utilizes a hard plastic inserts engineered for a perfect fit on your Rolex watch. The solid inserts have Cauothouc rubber molded around the for a seamless, flush mount to your rolex giving it a sporty look and feel in the most comfortable strap possible.

• This strap utilizes a hard plastic inserts engineered for a perfect fit on your Rolex watch.

If you purchase this strap, you will NOT be disappointed, especially if you have had the top of the price point ($250 - 300) straps previously.

• This listing includes a generic stainless steel Tang buckle

• The ends are curved for a flush fit against your watch

• Band has my logo or no logo

• Because Rolex/Omega (may have, over the years and with some models) moved, or slightly adjusted the spring bar hole placement, I send both curved and straight spring bars to adjust for slight offsets in spring bar hole between models and all the various years of production

Set 1 is a "curved set" to ensure it will fit on shorter lugs or lug hole Placement slightly offset

Set 2 is a standard "straight" spring bar. It is 1.5mm a little thinner and purposely designed to flex slightly if the fit is just barely different than the exact model it was made for

Your personal Rolex bars "MAY" or may not fit with these and because there are so many models, I cannot tell you which ones will and will NOT fit with the Manufacturer spring bar sets

• Will ship with USPS First Class Package

* Watch NOT included, just to show actual fit.

• Cauothouc  Vulcanized Rubber watch band

• We are not affiliated with any other company and none of our products have any logos besides our own (02Straps).

• I do get asked what the difference between these Cauothouc Vulcanized rubber straps vs. my standard Vulcanized rubber straps and Silicone rubber.

These CAUOTHOUC vulcanized rubber straps

• First, there is a reason the high end companies charge $200-$300 for the Cauothouc rubber straps. Most described above, but the quality comparison to the touch, comfort and ease of use are incomparable. They immediately form to your wrist on your first wear. These straps actually repel dust, which keeps them looking cleaner and new for long periods with little to no maintenance. Plus at only $20 more, these are the best deal of all my straps and just about any strap on the market and I will be raising prices close to $90 in the near future as they are very expensive to make.

Vulcanized Rubber straps

• My standard Vulcanized rubber are a great mid level strap that is firm, yet flexible, but takes a couple wears to break in and form to your wrist. They have a solid construction, and while they don't attract dust, they don't repel it either. They need to be wiped down more often, but are still an attractive option and a good deal at $40.

Silicone straps

• While I do sell silicone rubber straps for $24.99, they are the lowest quality I have as silicone is very soft (almost squishy), can be damaged easier and will attract dust (but can easily be rinsed off. While they are not made to be worn mountain biking or in extreme conditions like the other two straps, they are super comfortable and immediately form to your wrist. Plus, because they are so flexible, these straps fit a lot more models than my others as you can manipulate the spring hole to fit many watches where the lug hole placement, lug height, case curvature or other factors are different than the watches they were intended for, making them able to be worn on a lot of "other brands".

• In layman's terms, my Cauothouc Vulcanized rubber straps are like a Lambrogini at Tesla prices

• My standard Vulcanized rubber straps are like a BMW AT BMW Prices

• Silicone straps are a Honda Civic at Honda Civic prices

• All 3 are good or great vehicles, but there is a difference in them for various reasons.

• Will ship with USPS First Class Package

Confirmed watches this strap fits:  Some are confirmed by customers and NOT by me, but I always take great carer of my customers, so if there is an issue, do not hesitate to reach out and I will work hard to solve any issues that may arise.

DOES NOT FIT these models

• NEW 41mm Submariner

• Rolex Airking

• Rolex Milgauss

• 41mm DATEJUST models

• 42mm Explorer II


* 40mm Rolex Submariner

• 40mm Rolex GMT

• 40mm Rolex Yachtmaster

• 36 & 40mm Datejust models with 20mm lug width

• 39mm Explorer I

• 40mm Explorer II

• 40mm Seadweller

• these straps fit on most 40mm sub cases made by Rolex and fit on the most Datejust models as well.

• These will fit the older models with the 20mm lug width and Ceramic

• 40mm Omega Seamaster

• 39mm Omega Speedmaster

• 40mm Omega Aqua TerrA

• Many Omega - Older 39 & 40mm Speedmaster and Seamaster, and most of the new ones with 20mm lugs, but may have to be used with the curved spring bars as Omega has shorter lugs and spring bar holes closer to the watch case than Rolex

• Seiko 5, SKX and most SRP models

• Many citizen models

• Invicta watches with submariner or GMT cases

• Steinhart - Ocean One, Ocean 2,

• Ginault OR2 and any with the 40mm case and 20mm lugs

• Monta - Atlas, Noble, Ocean King & Skyquest


San Martin

• Some fossil watches

• Many Zelos watches

Lack, Benruss, some yema







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