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20mm RED E Caoutchouc Vulcanized rubber Strap Rolex Watch W END Link

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20mm FKM Cauotchouc Vulcanized Rubber Strap For Rolex Sub cases & TUDOR Black Bay 58 Watches 

WE DID IT and are so proud of this strap. It is so close to the "big boys" that make Rubber straps for high end watches. I am offering this first run for $49.99, including the metal end link that closes the gap on your rolex or Tudor black bay 58 watch.

• I send with multiple spring bars, both curved and straight to allow these to fit your watch

• Comes with a thick, high quality 18mm Stainless steel buckle

• Watch NOT included, just to show actual fit and this one is the only one I have access to show the actual fit

• Length: 120mm x 80mm. Will fit from 6.5” inch wrist to 8.5”

•  We are not affiliated with any other company and none of our products have any logos besides our own (02Straps)

The rubber on these Cauotchouc Vulcanized rubber are so good and refined that they are non toxic, non-marking and non-allergen.  If you get them dirty, a cleaning cloth and a little water or a wet wipe takes off any marks making them easy to clean and looking like new for years to come. 

• We are not affiliated with any other company and none of our products have any logos besides our own (02Straps).

• I do get asked what the difference between these Cauotchouc Vulcanized rubber straps vs. my standard Vulcanized rubber straps and Silicone rubber. 

These CAUOTCHOUC  FKM vulcanized rubber straps

• First, there is a reason the high end companies charge $200-$300 for the Cauotchouc rubber straps. Most described above, but the quality comparison to the touch, comfort and ease of use are incomparable. They immediately form to your wrist on your first wear.  These straps actually repel dust, which keeps them looking cleaner and new for long periods with little to no maintenance. Plus at only $20 more, these are the best deal of all my straps and just about any strap on the market and I will be raising prices close to $90 in the near future as they are very expensive to make. 

Vulcanized Rubber straps 

• My standard Vulcanized rubber are a great mid level strap that is firm, yet flexible, but takes a couple wears to break in and form to your wrist.  They have a solid construction, and while they don't attract dust, they don't repel it either.  They need to be wiped down more often, but are still an attractive option and a good deal at $40. 

Silicone straps 

• While I do sell silicone rubber straps for $24.99, they are the lowest quality I have as silicone is very soft (almost squishy), can be damaged easier and will attract dust (but can easily be rinsed off. While they are not made to be worn mountain biking or in extreme conditions like the other two straps, they are super comfortable and immediately form to your wrist. Plus, because they are so flexible, these straps fit a lot more models than my others as you can manipulate the spring hole to fit many watches where the lug hole placement, lug height, case curvature or other factors are different than the watches they were intended for, making them able to be worn on a lot of "other brands". 

• In layman's terms, my Cauotchouc Vulcanized rubber straps are like a Lambrogini at Tesla prices 

• My standard Vulcanized rubber straps are like a BMW AT BMW Prices 

• Silicone straps are a Honda Civic at Honda Civic prices 

Whether you are in a board meeting, hiking with your family, or hitting Vegas with some friends, a high quality Vulcanized rubber strap is comfortable and appropriate for any of them. Now you can show off your style and sophistication.

These straps have a straight line at the case and NOT a curved to fit and ensure there isn't a gap. These were purposely designed to be used with our 20mm end links, but can be used on most watches l

Please ensure you are comfortable removing your metal band. If you cannot do that, then please refrain from buying these.


• I include 2 stainless steel End links (small metal pieces) between the rubber strap and your watch case

• Compared to the Big boys in VR straps, their straps are some of the best, however when you look at the price/value equation we easily are the best value

• The fit and feel, Is almost identical to the high end sellers, as well as the density

• This is the best Vulcanizing process out on the market and you will be blown away.

• Proven brands with 20mm lugs and a similar case/lug set up are Seiko, some Tudor (58) and most Rolex watches

• The model used to make the mold for these is a 40mm ceramic submariner, but also fits the TUDOR Black Bay 58 which is why I ship with multiple spring bars, curved and straight to allow these to fit more watches, (most watches with a 20mm lug width and a standard case curve and lug set), but I can't test them all.

• Email me your watch make & model and I can look up specs and see if there's a fit.

• Shipped with multiple spring bars,

• Set 1 - Curved - these are designed to fit on watches with shorter lugs, or lug holes closer to the case

• Set 2 - Straight when there is a perfect match.

• PLEASE NOTE - its only about 50% of the time either the straight or the curved will work on your watch perfectly. 40% you will have to push them into place and expect the spring bar to "flex". The good news is the flex, based on a significant amount of testing locks in place better that the perfect fit spring bars.

• If there is an issue, please email ASAP and we can get that taken care of with a suitable solution for

Both of us.

• Watch is used for pictures, but NOT included in purchase. Just to show actual fit

• Band is 20mm at lugs with 2mm taper

• These straps are 120mm x 80mm - fits 6.25" to 8,5"

• Will ship with USPS First Class Package







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